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Frequently asked questions about the Green Business Challenge.

What are the program goals?
Target achievements for year one of the Challenge include


  • Enrollment of 100 participating businesses
  • Aggregated savings of $2 million among participants
  • 10,000 metric tonnes of Co2e avoided
  • Beating all of the above goals by 2x!


What cities are considered as part of the "Eastside"?
The C-7 New Energy Cities Partnership currently consists of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton, and Sammamish.

Can businesses outside of the Eastside participate in the Green Business Challenge?
We're sorry, businesses with facilities outside of the Eastside are currently not able to participate in the challenge. But don't let that differ you from greening your office; browse our website for ways to reduse your waste, water, and energy use.

I lease my office space and don't have control over many facility operations-- is the Challenge only for businesses who own/manage their owns space? 

No, lessees are encouraged to enroll and will make up a large portion of our participants.  Challenge Scorecard questions have been specially formatted to cater to lessees, allowing them to achieve points simply by making requests of their property managers on issues out of their immediate control. 

What if my business is already performing sustainable operations at a high level?
We want you to join the Challenge and help the community achieve these higher levels in concert.  Also, our Scorecard has been drafted in hopes of pushing even the highest achieving businesses to still do something different or better.



What is the cost of participating in the Green Business Challenge?
There is no cost for participating in the challenge.  The cost of not participating in the Challenge is the missed opportunity for savings!

What is the time frame of the challenge?
The challenge is a 12 month program.



If my company is eligible, why should we participate?
To raise the profile on the commercial sector's commitment to sustainability on the Eastside.  If your company is just beginning to explore "Going Green," the Challenge offers a plethora of valuable services, strategies and tools to help you get started. If your company is already committed to "Going Green," we hope you'll still accept that there is room for improved operations, improved branding, and community sharing.

How do I become a sponsor of the Green Business Challenge?
If you're interested in learning about our available sponsorship opportunities, please email us.



Have more questions?  
Please email us.